Companies that have embarked on a complete digital transformation end up including, implementing and developing agile methodologies within their departments to deliver better quality products and or services and with much shorter costs and deadlines. . .

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Despite the digital revolution and the technological changes we face, many companies today lag in innovation and fail to meet the market’s demands.

Do you want to become that digitized professional and execute projects in an agile way? Read on and you’ll find out why agile methodologies have become the hallmark of digital technology.

Agile methodologies

By definition, agile methodologies allow us to adapt the way of working to the conditions of the project, obtaining flexibility and immediacy in the response .The project and its development to the specific circumstances of the environment.

In essence, companies that opt ​​for this methodology manage their projects flexibly, autonomously and efficiently, reducing costs and increasing productivity. And also With this 100% online Agile Organizational Models course, you will learn the basic aspects of managing agile methodologies in your business.

Benefits of agile project management

Below we list some of the benefits that agile project Best client management software offers us:

Product Quality Improvement – These methodologies encourage team members to be proactive in their pursuit of product excellence. The integration, verification and continuous improvement of product properties significantly improve the result.

Greater customer satisfaction:

This customer is more satisfied by being involved and engaged throughout the development process. Through various demonstrations and deliveries. The customer sees process improvements in real-time.

The greater motivation of workers:

Self-managed work teams facilitate developing their members’ creative and innovative capacities.

Collaborative work:

The division of work by different teams and roles and the development of frequent meetings .it allows a better organization of work. Use of the most relevant metrics: metrics used to estimate parameters such as time, cost, performance, etc.

They tend to be more realistic in it projects than in traditional projects. Through the division into small teams and phases, we can also be more aware of what is happening.

More control and predictability: The ability to review and adapt the product throughout the agile. The process allows all project members to exercise greater control over their work. reviews 2021 which improves the ability to forecast time and cost.

Cost Reduction:

Agile project management virtually eliminates the possibility of outright project failure. As errors are identified during development rather than waiting for the product to be completed.

Most used agile methodologies.

But what are the types of agile methodologies most used in companies today?

There are different options, but extreme programming Scrum and Kanban are the most used. And also, All are guided through a Model established by the Agile Manifesto developed by several authors. who established the 12 Principles of agile software.

Extreme XP programming

This tool is very useful, especially for start-ups or companies in consolidation . since its main objective is To help in relations between employees and customers. So It key to the success of Extreme Programming XP is to improve personal relationships, through teamwork, promoting communication and eliminating Downtime.

Its main phases are:

Project planning with the client

Project design

Coding, where programmers work in pairs to achieve more efficient and quality results.

Tests to verify that the codes implemented work