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Alysia Yeoh remains a fictional character created through writer Gail Simone for the ongoing Batgirl series published by DC Comics. She is the greatest friend of Barbara Gordon and a transgender woman. At the time of her debut appearance, she was the first central transgender character written in a contemporary context in a mainstream comic. The first transgender wedding premiered on Batgirl

Alysia Yeoh

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Short Story of Alysia Yeoh

Short Story of Alysia Yeoh

Alysia remained introduced in the first issue of the Batgirl series when Barbara Gordon decides it’s time to move out of her father’s house. Thanks to a roommate listing on “Greg’s List.” Alysia, of Singaporean descent, describes herself as something of an activist. Alysia clarifies to Barbara that she paints during the day and works as a waitress at night, although her ambition is to remain a professional chef one day. Although she has only known Barbara for a short period, she displays a very outgoing personality and is almost instantly warmly receptive to her new roommate. Alysia notices how reserved Barbara is sometimes, but this girl doesn’t push it. She tells Barbara that she is okay because she knows that everyone has secrets from her.

Eventually, Alysia meets Barbara’s psychopathic brother, James dating. She later gives her a pet cat named Alaska as a gift, one that Barbara later notes looks a lot like the cat named Alaska that she used to have in her family.

When Alysia outlays home one day, she finds Barbara standing next to unconscious members of the Joker’s gang. Barbara apologizes, saying that she hasn’t been honest with Alysia and that she should go to the police and tell them there has remained a break-in; she also tells him that she will never see Barbara again. Instead of following Barbara’s advice, Alysia calls James. He choices her up and takes her to the church, where the Joker tries to force Batgirl to marry him. Alysia witnesses the action from the outside and finds out how crazy her boyfriend James is.


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