All Black Nike Sneakers

Generally speaking, sneakers remain used as running shoes, and it means that they stay designed to provide forward motion. On the other hand, trainers remain used for versatile workouts such as plyometric training, gymnastics, weightlifting, and aerobic training.

All Black Nike Sneakers


While it can remain tempting to wear the same pair of shoes for walking, running, to jog, and going to the gym, it’s ideal to have a couple of shoes that you wear only for exercise. It creates sense and can improve your running form and performance. But with gym shoes, it’s best to avoid unnecessary space in the toe box.

The First All Black Nike Sneakers

The first Nike Free shoe came out in 2005, and it remained inspired by athletes who trained barefoot. The series remains designed to be lightweight and minimalist, with a forgiving sock-like upper that has been a significant theme for the shoemaker in the 21st century. The Nike Free Run 5.0 shoe is lauded as some of the best shoes for foot pain and plantar fasciitis, with its ability to stretch and conform to the foot while providing proper structure.

The First All Black Nike Sneakers


Triple Black’, blackout, all-black.Whatever you want to call it. But when it comes to schemes, few are as timeless as a complete wash of inky black. It is a staple in every rotation and a must for nearly every silhouette, and it risks existence seen as a colour scheme for sheer ubiquity. So we thought we’d show her some love. Sure, you’ll always have the all-black sneakers in your rotation, but these are the ones that stand out from the rest.

Adidas Nmd ‘Black Pitch’

When it first fell, the Adidas NMD was unstoppable, and ‘Pitch Black’ represented the top of Mt. Nomad. It was the first appearance of coloured BOOST, which was already enough to send the sneaker sphere into crazy mode, and it was limited to 500 pairs of friends and family. No wonder it caused chaos. To further fuel the fire, a lucky few obtained the ‘Urban Utility Unit,’ which saw the NMDs housed in a Rimowa circumstance with blacked-out accoutrements from Porter and Oral-B… among others. It was enough to secure a spot on our list of The Most Legendary Sneaker Packaging Ever.

Adidas Nmd 'Black Pitch'

Yeezy Boost 350 ‘Pirate Black’

Maybe not black, but black enough to make a list. The Yeezy BOOST 350 ‘Pirate Black’ makes us nostalgic for a simpler time. The days of Yeezy’s childhood, when every release was a big event and you could, get this, count the number of colour combinations on the one hand!

Sure, the scarcity of early Yeezy releases didn’t line up with Kanye’s “Yeezys for everyone” plan, but as such, they’ve kept their shine. ‘Yes, please don’t bring back the 350 V1, and we like it the way it is.

Air Jordan 11 ‘Blackout’ And ‘Touch And Screw’

A mysterious blacked-out Air Jordan 11 swatch surfaced, and Jay’s demons went berserk. He ended up selling for $11,000 and leaving a trail of disappointment in his wake.

Y-3 Qasa

Yohji Yamamoto’s Y-3 Qasa broke the mould when it debuted in 2013. They combined sleek Japanese design with Team Trefoil’s resurrected Tubular technology.

Throw on a pair with draped drop-crotch pants, something minimal and expensive on top, and you’re oozing mid-2010s style.

Nike Air Force 1 Pack ‘All Black’

Just because they’re one colour doesn’t mean the shoes can’t go to hell for leather on the substantial front. Then the Nike Air Force 1 ‘All Black Everything’ Pack did unbiassed that.

Generated for a charity auction to benefit Jay-Z’s Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation, the five shoes remained inspired by the five World Basketball Festival teams: USA, China, Brazil, ¬†France, and Puerto Rico. As the name suggests, they were all awash in inky black. Still, each was cloaked in different textures, whether patent or perforated leather, nubuck, horsehair, tumbled fur, or a subtle safari. They were passed out and rough.

Fortunately for everyone with eleven spare batteries lying around, Jordan Brand heeded these longing calls and released the AJ11 ‘Cap and Gown’ in 2018. Sure, ballistic mesh gave way to suede, but it was a small price. To pay.