Chatroulette has provided journalists with food for dark times news for the past few months – long enough to spawn a wide range of clones.

In your opinion, do any of these clones work much better on Chatroulette than the first? Exactly Exactly What would you, as a web software user, like to see in a strange-to-strange video chat service?

From creepy to cute, here are about Chatroulette clones we’re looking

 Zupyo Chatroulette clones

A small number of websites offer a Chatroulette-style experience with some modifications or improvements. Zip provides the same video chat with a random stranger, allowing users to find a contact by keyword. For example, users can search for people by proximity when using geographic keywords or interest when explaining a leisure activity. They could also have random number/letter strings to create an instant and personal video chat on theWeb page.

Omegle Chatroulette clones

Omegle is a niche site that precedes Chatroulette by a month or two. It started as an experiment similar to AIM in the 90s, with only text, which soon included video chat functionality. Omegle now offers the Android and Touch / iPhone operating system, that is, iPod.


JayDoe is an Omegle-inspired app that claims to provide a sophisticated. Chat with strangers’ experience by combining like-minded people rather than random strangers. “Online users check their chat profiles for similarities,” the creator remarkably and vaguely describes on the website. “They are usually associated probabilistically to produce a near-optimal match in a given time. ] The analytical material is secret [sic]. ”

Kitteh Roulette Chatroulette clones

Seconds. KittehRoulette is by far one of the most popular uses of bandwidth to date. It brings together some critical aspects of the World Wide Web (chats, YouTube, Chatroulette “Next” button) .Into one excellent software that is sure to have fun, bring pleasure. And take many years of anxiety away from the world. The app selects an endless stream of attractive YouTube kitty videos and displays one simultaneously with a big blue “next kitty” switch below the embedded movie.

Their website owners will also use it as a fundraising system for the Society of America for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Although kittehs only have one compromised channel, that hasn’t stopped them from invading the appropriate Chatroulette; visit Chatroulette to see the human video/chat craze screenshots.


In addition to people looking for love, or anything that passes for love on the internet today, there is FlirtSpin, with regional alternatives for gay, straight, and bisexual video chat worldwide. However, as soon as we tried to deliver the app in one go, we were disappointed (and relieved) to find that no user was available to chat at the time. Either your website needs more users, or the whole world needs fewer Chatroulette clones.


Still, with regional and genre options, this software is probably one of the most profitable offerings in terms of ad revenue and sign-up opportunities.


Another interesting monetization concept is CamCarousel, a white label Chatroulette script available between $ 99 and $ 249 when it comes to for the feature set. This clone can be an Adobe Flash request developed with Flex and running on Flash Player 10. Buyers can hack the user interface, change labels, and even run their ads.

If you have a Chatroulette cloning concept and want an instant injection of technology to get started, CamCarousel can be a beneficial first end.

 Variants in other languages

Non-English Chatroulette clones abound. Although the style of each software is slightly different, users around the world may decide to try the same essential solution in a large number of languages. So far, we have discovered six non-English clones; Chatroulette’s unique user experience in Korean on Ranchat, Italian and German on Jaleco, Spanish on Tipitty, and French on Roulette chat. These sites have Biometrics.