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What Is Cognitive Computing?

Cognitive Computing

Cognitive computing can learn based on our interaction with data, becoming a machine capable of processing, analyzing, and understanding information in fields as diverse as literature, medicine, or art. This technology manages to imitate the functioning of the human brain to execute and recognize voice commands, not only by words but by their tone.

Technological acceleration and its impact on companies generate definitions and terms we must incorporate into the language to define the new realities.

The cognitive enterprise, “the cognitive enterprise”, is a term gaining space in the professional vocabulary; it is an inclusive concept that groups many functions and activities.

Cognitive computing refers to technology platforms broadly based on the scientific disciplines of artificial intelligence and signal processing.

The goal of cognitive computing is to generate automated computer systems that are capable of solving problems without the need for human assistance.

The Cognitive Company Is Based On Different Levels And Tools

  • Culture, skills, and ways of working “agile.”
  • Digital platforms (both internal for management and external for transactions)
  • Artificial intelligence is increasingly applied in different parts of the value chain.
  • Internal and external data management through new tools
  • Growing emphasis on cybersecurity

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