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Cyber threat intelligence Write for Us

cyber threat intelligence write for us

Cyber threat intelligence is the skills and knowledge based on experience information that includes the occurrence and the assessment of cyber and physical threats and also the danger that happens with the actors that face the attacks and the harmful events that occur in cyberspace The Cyber threat intelligence include the social media intelligence, open source intelligence, human intelligence, device log files, technical intelligence, they trap the from the internet traffic and derive from the deep and dark web.

In current years, threat intelligence has become an important part of many companies. Cyber security helps companies be more active and determine the threats that may cause great loss or risk in the business. The companies may be more involved in front they try and find any issue and prevent it from hacking before it causes it becomes so important in recent years because many companies are getting hacked or being a threat.

The threats and vulnerabilities have increased these years also by the covid-19 people were working from home, which league lots of companies data. As threats are growing, companies need threat intelligence, so they opted the threat intelligence in these recent years.

Benefits of Cyber threat intelligence

  • They provide the organization entities and give the ability to be active, increase the cybersecurity posture, and manage the risk security policies and responses.
  • They provide insights and context about the active attacks and threats to make decisions.
  • It also prevents the releasing of data, so it prevents data loss
  • It provides and gives instructions to manage security to protect the future attacks
  • It provides the indicators for the emergency response and incident response groups

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Guidelines- Cyber threat intelligence Write for Us

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  • Images should be the size 800*450

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