The Ravenna News, a longstanding weekly publication, has been a reliable source of news and community updates since its establishment in July 1976. The newspaper Michael and Mary Pierson published caters to the communities of Ravenna, Pleasanton, Litchfield, Rockville, and Hazard. From sports victories to community events, The Ravenna News keeps its readers informed about the pulse of these vibrant locales.

Here’s an overview of how it appears to work:

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Ownership and Establishment

  • The newspaper is independently owned and operated by Michael and Mary Pierson.
  • It was established in July 1976, making it a longstanding publication with a history in the community.

Publication Schedule and Location

  • The Ravenna News is a weekly publication, meaning it is released once a week.
  • The physical address for the publication is 500 S. Ravenna Road, Ravenna, Michigan 49451-9562, U.S.A., conveniently located for residents (½ mile north of M-46 or East Apple Avenue).

Editorial Team

  • Michael Pierson serves as the editor of The Ravenna News.
  • Mary Pierson is responsible for advertising.

Contact Information

  • The newspaper can be reached via email at for Michael Pierson and for Mary Pierson.

Subscription and Newsstand Distribution

  • Subscriptions are available for $40 per year.
  • Individual papers are available for $1.50 each at various local establishments, including Ravenna Foods, WESCO, and Keefe’s Hometown Pharmacy.


  • Advertising rates include options such as per-column inch and full/half/quarter page displays.
  • Special rates are mentioned for specific announcements, with the option to include a photo for an additional fee.

Community Engagement

  • The newspaper actively covers local events, sports, and community news, reflecting the interests and activities of the communities it serves.
  • Sports coverage includes detailed reports on basketball tournaments, wrestling invites, and football seasons, showcasing the achievements and challenges of local teams.

Social Media Presence

The provided snippets suggest that The Ravenna News is active on social media platforms, sharing updates and engaging with the community online.

Community Support and Involvement

The newspaper is a source of information and a platform for community support, as seen in the football coach’s rallying call and the community members’ positive reactions.

Editorial Independence

The statement “We reserve the right to reject any ad” suggests that the newspaper maintains editorial independence and can decide its content.

The Ravenna News Unveils Local Athletic Achievements

Ravenna News

Basketball Tournament Highlights:

The Ravenna News recently featured the excitement of the Ravenna Holiday Basketball Tournament. The boys’ team secured a victory over Overton, earning a spot in the championship against Shelton. Meanwhile, the girls’ teams were in action, with Shelton and Overton competing for the title and Ravenna’s girls contending for third place against Sandhills/Thedford.

Pleasanton Holiday Basketball Tournament:

In another sporting spectacle, The Ravenna News reported on the outcomes of the Pleasanton holiday basketball tournament. Ravenna’s boys claimed the second spot, RHS girls proudly secured third place, and Pleasanton girls finished second, while their boys achieved a commendable fourth-place finish.

Ravenna vs. Ansley-Litchfield Basketball Games:

Detailed play-by-play coverage of the Ravenna vs. Ansley-Litchfield basketball games showcased intense competition. The Ravenna girls emerged victorious in the opener, and the Spartan boys triumphed in the late game. The report captured thrilling moments from the Litchfield gym, conveying the essence of the fierce competition.

Dom Reicks Wrestling Invite 2023:

Shifting gears to wrestling, The Ravenna News delved into the Dom Reicks Wrestling Invite. Ravenna finished third as a team, with Pleasanton and Ansley-Litchfield wrestlers Krepela and Pawloski securing championships. The article emphasized outstanding individual performances and collective achievements.

Football Season Conclusion:

The newspaper shared a somber note on Ravenna’s football season, concluding with a 12-6 loss to Arapahoe. Despite the defeat, the community rallied behind the Bluejays, celebrating a season filled with hard-fought victories and moments of resilience.

Coach’s Call to Action:

In a prelude to the football season conclusion, Ravenna’s head coach, Dan Bolling, issued a rallying cry to the community. The call to line downtown with fans and send off the team in style exemplifies Ravenna’s strong sense of community and camaraderie.


The Ravenna News is a community-focused newspaper providing news and information about local events, sports, and community activities. It relies on subscriptions, newsstand sales, and advertising for financial support, and it actively engages with its readership to create a sense of community involvement and support.