If you are looking for the best way to start off the new year, then one idea is to invest in the right tools for accomplishing all of the tasks on your to-do list. For starters, take a look at your garage. Then, check outside and in the shed. If you do not already have a list of tools you need to start the year off right, then check out the suggestions here.

Garage Tools

After taking an inventory of your garage area, think about what kind of garage tools you could add this year. What comes to mind first? If it is one of them on this list, you are not alone! Keep your eye out for sales on any of these tools.


Having a workbench is extremely useful if someone in your household is handy with tools and building things such as furniture. It can also be useful for children’s wood projects.

Portable Floor Jack

When you need to change a tire, you need to lift your vehicle off the ground to do so. Without the help of a jack or superhuman powers, it can be very challenging. For this reason, investing in a portable floor jack may be a smart move if you anticipate needing to change tires.

Storage Equipment

Another standard must-have for any garage is storage equipment. With how much stuff most people store in the garages, having a way to properly store storage is essential. If you do not have an organized system and your garage is full of clutter, let this be the year that you change that.

Engine Tools

Now, it is time to think about your vehicle that sits inside your garage. In particular, take a moment to consider what kind of engine tools you might need to add to your stock this year. For some ideas, consider these items.

Storage Bags

Depending on how many extra engine parts you have lying around your garage, you might want to invest in a pack of durable storage bags so you have a place to keep all the components of your hardware. Without storage bags, it can be easy to misplace small important parts.

Piston Ring Filers

As the gatekeepers of cylinder compression and engine oil, the piston ring filers act as your piston’s seals within your vehicle’s cylinder. Without them, you might as well have no engine system.

Tubing and Suspension Components

You should also consider tubing and suspension components when it comes to engine tools. For example, you may need a suspension bush removal tool when replacing bushings in the suspension system.

SBC Superchargers

Want your vehicle to go faster? Another thought for engine tools is an SBC supercharger piece. With this tool kit, you will have the ability to provide a Chevy with 25-40 percent more power while maintaining standard drivability.

Having a garage stocked with the essential tools you need feels good. How do you feel about your current tool inventory? Make sure to invest in anything on this list that you are missing this year!