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We call them Snapchat hacks since many of the app’s best features are also unseen or just not intuitive. We’re looking at you, black brush.

We call them Snapchat hacks since many of the app’s best features are either hidden or just not intuitive. We’re watching you, Tint Brush. But if you can learn these tips, you’ll have a powerful new arsenal of tools to help you take your brand’s Snap game to the following level.

In this guide, we’ll teach you how to contact these lesser-known features besides discovering a few more tips that are only available after you’ve fiddled with your device’s settings.

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Using Snapchat on a dose, where the screen is much more, is another helpful tip for creating complex masterpieces. Draw with a stylus to impress people with your artwork.

Apply active to 3 filters on an only Snapchat Spam

Add a sepia filter, show your location and the current illness at the same time.

.Take a photo in the app as you usually would

anywhere on the screen to secure the first filter in place

.Now use your free hand to browse the other screens

.Once you’ve particular your second filter, lift your thumb off the screen for a second before touching and holding it again.

.You are now ready to sweep and choose the third filter

If you’re not happy with your combo, swipe right to remove all three filters and return to your unfiltered

Change the “info” filters Snapchat Spam

All simple information filters (speed, temperature, time, and altitude) have variations. Miles per hour become kilometers per hour, degrees Fahrenheit become degrees Celsius, feet become meters, and time becomes date.

Please income it to the next level with the infection filter. Not only can you shift from Fahrenheit to Celsius, but you can also keep tapping to view an hourly or three-day forecast with weather icons.

Just tap on the information filter of your choice to access the other options.

 Add drawings and captions to the “Discover” content and share it with your friends.

While viewing content from Snapchat’s Discover partners, long press a Snap to share it with your friends. It will automatically open as a draft, where you can add to it the same way you would any of your Snaps. These can only be sent to people via chat and not shared with your Story.

Access a broader range of color options in Snapchat Features

For each color of the rainbow, slide your finger down the color slider to make it larger and choose the color you want.

Want even more options? Once you’ve found the color household you want, slide your finger to the left side of the screen to lock it, then drag it to the top left corner for a darker shade or down to the right. for a pastel pigment.

Edit a Snap in Recollections to access the old of the community

When you except a Snap to Memories, most of the geo-filters available at that time are also protected. When you come back to edit a Snap, you can swipe to access these community geo-filters.

For example, if you took a photo while on vacation in San Francisco, you can edit this Snap-in memory to access the San Francisco city filter from your home on the east coast.