The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is the 1978 Mexican horror film. Maybe. It’s in English and starring whites, but Wikipedia says it’s Mexican, so soak it up. It is run by a man and introduces a few people. We usually tell you to watch the movie or skip it if you are worried about spoilers, but there are a couple of things in there.

Don’t watch this movie at first. Second, the trailer literally tells as much about what’s going on in this movie as it does about the entire 2-hour movie. So check that out. Then check out our thoughts below.Details of bermuda triangle movieDirector: René Cardona Jr.

Writer:   René Cardona Jr.

  • Stephen Lord
  • Carlos Valdemar
  • Producers: René Cardona Jr.
  • Angelo Giacomo
  • Star cast: John Huston
  • Gloria Guida
  • Hugo Stiglitz
  • Marina Vlady


Alfredo Rosas Priego


Stelvio Cipriani

Distributer:Sunn Classic Pictures


Released On: 10 February 1978

Country: Mexico, Italy

Language: English

Box office: $22.2 millon

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An Alternate Ending

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