Introduction – The Confederate flag of the United States

The controversial Confederate flag will cease to be used in South Carolina (southeastern United States) on Friday, after the House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved its withdrawal on Thursday, seeing it as a symbol of racism.

The vote occurred at dawn after a long night of heat debate: 94 deputies voted for and 20 A two-thirds majority was needed to agree to withdraw this contested Southern Confederate flag, which dates backbone to the days of the Civil War.

The bill itself it passed in the Senate by a 37-to-three vote, sending the legislation to Governor Nikki Haley for ratification, which happened that day.

The Republican Governor Previously

called for the flag to remove after. Nine black parishioners were murdered on June 17 by a young white abuser during a Bible conversation at the Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston.

The governor said before signing the resolution that tomorrow (Friday) morning at 10:00 a.m. (local time, 2:00 p.m. GMT), we will see the Confederate flag drawn.

“We will take her down with dignity and put her in a suitable place,” Healy said at a signing ceremony, surrounded by relatives of the victims in the state capital. Will move the flag to an institution near the legislative headquarters.

“It’s a new day in South Carolina, a day we can all be proud of, truly a day that brings us all together as we continue to recover, as a city and state,” Hailey wrote shortly. After the vote.

Outside the legislature, uniformed police erected barriers around the flag on Thursday. which were nearly impossible to remove in the state where the union is home.

“This is good news for the future,” White House spokesman Josh Earnest said after. The affirmative vote and welcomed the bipartisan agreement on the text.

In turn, Hillary Clinton, the Democratic candidate for the White House and former Secretary of State, said: “The elimination of this symbol of our nation’s racist past is an essential step towards .Equal civil rights in all countries. States – the United States.

Symbol of Hatred Confederate President,

Symbol of Hatred Confederate President,

Republican lawmaker Jenny Horn, a descendant of the former Confederate president.

And also Delivered a moving speech last night calling for the elimination of “this symbol of hatred.”

“I can’t believe that we in this gathering don’t dare to do something meaningful . And remove this symbol of hatred,” said Horn, about to cry.

The flag in question stood 15 years ago next to a monument commemorating. The Civil War (1861-1865) in Parliament Gardens in Columbia, the capital of South Carolina.

The withdrawal of the Confederate flag, periodically requested by African-American associations. Which considered it a symbol of slavery, was demand with particular force. After the murder of the Black Nines by white supremacist Dylan Rove.

Dylann Picture the Attack A Confederate Flag.

The priest and Senator Clementa Pinckney were among the massacre victims, who his comrades praised for welcoming a widow.

Cover this Senate office it black flag during two days of Senate debates. on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Meanwhile, Washington’s debate peaked It Republicans. Under the pressure from their.

Representatives in southern states, introduced these controversial amendment to this vote in South Carolina. The “right to keep the flag”permitted on the graves of federal cemeteries.

Democrats reacted with fury. And the African-American Congressman Hakim Jeffreys carried .The Confederate flag to the House plenary and insist it did not represent

And these  heritage of the South but the “racial hatred and oppression” of slaves.

He criticized the White House, “It seems Republicans in Congress have different values ​​and priorities.”

After a few hours of controversy, Republican Chamber Speaker Johann Boehner withdrew the new amendment to protect the logo.