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Wireless Communication Write for Us

wireless communication write for us

Wireless Communication transfers information between two persons without using optical fiber, an electrical conductor, or another type of transfer. The standard wireless technology is radio waves. The radio waves distances should be short, like Bluetooth’s, or it can also be millions of kilometers far for deep space communications. It encloses many types of fixed, portable applications and mobiles.

It also includes two-way radios, personal digital assistants, cellular telephones, and wireless networking. More examples of wireless technology are garage door openers, GPS units, wireless computer mice and keyboards, headphones, headsets, radio receivers, broadcast television, satellite television, and cordless telephones. Some of the common wireless communication methods are electromagnetic phenomena like magnetic and light, electric fields, or the use of sound.

Types of Wireless Communication

Infrared Communication

It is the Communication in mobile, TV remotes, personal computers, tablets, etc., for data sharing; it works when the sender and receiver exchange light beams. Any disruption will cause the receiver signals.


It is a two-way communication that can be used by many electronic devices like smart TV, laptops, and smartphones. The signal will be transmitted based on the router. Many devices can connect it at high speed. It has to be protected by passwords for security purposes.

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