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What Symptoms Blocked Facebook

Blocked Facebook We’ll show you what symptoms appear when someone has blocked you on Facebook, so you can have greater certainty if a particular person doesn’t want to know more about you, or if, on the contrary, you have suspicion and want to confirm this.

There are a series of apparent symptoms, so you’ll know if any of your friends you’ve added or added has already decided to block you and not know anything about you. One of the critical things is that you will stop seeing their activity on your wall.

However, there are other aspects where you will confirm that they have indeed blocked you, although you will never know if they have blocked you forever or as any user can unblock you at any time by following specific steps.

Messages You will not see their Blocked Facebook

As we have already mentioned, when one of your Facebook downloads and contacts has blocked you, he will no longer be your friend, and you will no longer see his posts on your profile, in addition to obviously not being able to post on his wall.

Anyway, check that you haven’t hidden their notifications as it is also possible to do that, and maybe you did in an instant, and best, which is why you do not see any activity in your profile.

Is a bit difficult to achieve because if you have a lot of friends, it is possible that at some point, you will lose track of all the people you have on your friend’s list so that anyone will block you? I May not even notice it.

You will not be bright to speak on Facebook Messenger

If you try to contact him through Facebook Messenger, he will appear if you have talked to that person before and if not, you will not see him. If you are in the first case and you enter the chat and send a message, you will see how Facebook and snapchat Messenger will not leave you, and the letter “this person is not available at the moment” will appear.

Profile visible from another account

If you can see the profile of that person who blocked you from another account, it’s a clear sign that they’ve blocked you on Facebook.

Ask someone else to enter the profile of that person you suspect has blocked you. If that person can access their profile and you can’t, you can be sure what’s going on and why you can’t talk to this friend anymore.

Not on your friend list

If someone has blocked you, they will no longer be on your friends list. It can be a bit of a tedious task, but if you were looking for a specific contact that you might suspect if they blocked you or not if so, they would no longer appear on this list.

Of course, this fact doesn’t just mean that he blocked you, Application of Personal Area network, he may have just left Facebook forever by deleting his account, so this is something you should rely on as well. If you can contact that person, on the other hand, ask them and corroborate that information.

Your profile does not exist Blocked Facebook

Another sign that you have been blocked is that when you try to access this person’s profile from Facebook and Twitter Messenger, it will also not appear because the message “the content is not available” will appear and that means that they have followed the corresponding steps to block you on Facebook Messenger.

Your name does not appear in the Search Engine

If you search for their name in the Facebook search engine, it won’t appear; a clear symptom shows that this person you previously had as a friend has blocked you, although you can’t tell if forever or for a few days, weeks, or months.

You can corroborate this fact through a family member, try asking that person to look up the name, and the safest thing is that it will appear to him, because even if he does not have it. as a friend, it is visible to him but not to you since it has blocked you.

Another item you can do is create a new Facebook account and search for this friend in the search engine; if it appears, they have effectively blocked you because you are accessing from another new version that was not the one this person blocked.

The last connection does not appear

When following on Facebook Messenger, you also won’t see the last login, i.e., you won’t know when that friend logged in to Facebook Messenger, and it appears just below their name. Means he has blocked you, and you can no longer talk to him.

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