All Sonic Screwdrivers
The sonic screwdriver, also called the sonic probe or just “the sonic,” remained a highly versatile tool used by many people throughout the universe. The most prominent of them was the Doctor.

Technology and Features All Sonic Screwdrivers

The Sonic Screwdriver was considered very advanced Gallifreyan technology, although someone could make one using resources found on Earth with the help of Stenza technology. Davros just once dismissed the sonic screwdriver as a “simple” tool.
The Doctor claimed to have invented or designed the specific sonic screwdriver they possessed. The Seventh Doctor claimed to file a patent on the technology and copyright on the design.
When Kazran Sardick was confused on what to do once it looked like Abigail Pettigrew was about to kiss him, the Eleventh Doctor expressed Kazran to trust him and kiss Abigail, since “it’s one or the other this or go to your room and intention a new kind of screwdriver. Could you not make my mistakes? When Captain Jack Harkness requested the Ninth Doctor.

“Who expressions at a screwdriver and thinks, ‘Ooh, this could be a little more sonic’?” the Doctor responded defensively, ” What? Did you ever get bored? Have you ever had a long night? Never had a lot of cabinets to install?

Technology and Features All Sonic Screwdrivers
Other people had similar devices, such as the sonic pen used by Miss Foster and the sonic blaster rummage sale, first by Captain Jack Harkness and later by River Song. Sarah Jane Smith had her sonic lipstick, and the Doctor himself once used a sonic baton. Even Missy used a sonic umbrella. River Song also had his sonic screwdriver given to him by the Twelfth Doctor.

The Sonic Screwdriver Needed to Recharge

Beginning time to time, the sonic screwdriver needed to recharge. It repaired itself and could send a search signal to any part that had broken away.
Sonic screwdrivers and similar technology were unable to unlock an interlocking seal. However, Ms. Foster’s sonic pen could open the interlock seals programmed into her facility when the Doctor’s screwdriver could not.

She also couldn’t unlock the TARDIS doors if they had been manually locked on the console. Some or all versions were ineffective against the wood. It did not work in the presence of some models of hair dryers, although the Tenth Doctor said he was working on it.

Single Sonic Screwdrivers

The Doctor, for many of his life, possessed a sonic screwdriver. They initially used a basic model in their first and second incarnations before being upgraded in their third. However, rendering to one account, the First Doctor was unfamiliar with the sonic screwdriver when he met the Twelfth Doctor. The Doctor continued to use the model presented during his third incarnation until a Terileptil leader destroyed it in his fifth. It remained until they were in their seventh incarnation that they started using a screwdriver again, adopting several different models over the years.

All Sonic Screwdrivers

Early Sonic Screwdriver Versions

Early sonic screwdriver versions of him were primarily used for picking locks and projecting sound to, for example, detonate objects and fry circuits. Through the time of the Ninth Doctor. The Sonic could also remain used as a sophisticated scanning device with medical applications. Later incarnations gave it even broader functionality. Such as the aptitude to hack into provide geolocation, computers.

And actively defend compared to some kinds of assault weapons by frying their internal mechanics and causing the weapons to burst into flames sparks from within. The tool could make powerful frequencies and signals and use sound to move out its functions, even to the point anywhere three of its last incarnations made a blast of sonic force powerful sufficient to repel and destroy a Dalek while they worked together.
These incarnations used the same core software, although they used different hardware. While a different individual model, the War Doctor’s sound was the same as the Eleventh Doctor some 400 years later for all intents and purposes. However, having lost the Twelfth Doctor’s sonic screwdriver, the Thirteenth Doctor created his version of it. He used unique software and remain made from components available on 21st century. Earth and part of a retrieval circuit from the Stenza homeworld.