Data Protection and Data Security

Definition As an educational institution, is the clear to you? Here we explain the difference:

Data Protection:

It is the right of all of us to protect our data and relates to the correct handling, storage, processing, use, and transmission. To exercise this right, it is of the utmost importance that we are all clear about what data is essential and why.

Data Security:

focuses on protecting against unauthorized access by third parties or deliberate events (attacks) that aim to exploit this data.

Some examples of harmful data include identity theft when goods and services are purchased on your behalf, using your social networks to send  messages that harm your legal problems property, or loss of income, among other things.

As an educational institution, have you identified the personal and sensitive data of your academic community? , we can help you identify and classify and give you recommendations on how to protect them.

Personal Data Protection of cyber information

The protection of personal data is a text in Art. 44.2 of the Makeup of the Dominican Republic, And also which stipulates: “Everyone has the right of access to information and data held about him or his property in official or private records.

As well as knowledge of the destination use with the legally stipulated restrictions. There are also Treatment of personal or property data and information must carry out with due observance. Of the principles of quality, legality, loyalty, security, and practicality. You can ask the competent judicial authority to update, object to the treatment, rectification, or destruction of information that unlawfully affects your rights.

The country has an organic law for the protection of personal data. Law, by the Executive on December 13, 2013, has the primary objective of “the protection of personal data stored in files. Public registers, databases or other technical means of data processing for reporting purposes public or private, as well as that people’s right to honor and privacy.

This new regulation also regulates the establishment, organization, activities, operation, And dissolution of credit reference agencies (SIC), as well as the provision of credit reference agencies and the provision of information in the market, while ensuring respect for the privacy and rights of” the Owner of the information.”

The Social Insurance Fund (TSS) Data Protection and Data Security

And also Has the request of personal data under the mandate of which is based on the comprehensive protection of personal data in files, public records, data bases .Or other technical means of data processing that intend public or private To issue reports. Therefore Citizens who wish to obtain information on their Dominican social security system data should contact the Directorate for Information. And Defense of Affiliated Companies.

Therefore, The Dominican Republic is a signatory to both initiatives and is pursuing the same goal with its information. Security policy in human cyberspace in addition. The state will always protect citizens’ information to prevent identity theft and electronic identity theft.

The state policy states that when an entity in the Dominican state collects personal information. From citizens, the data collected must be protected and never shared or disclosed to private companies. Under any concept or excuse.

It can only guide Dominican public order or improve the personal well-being of each individual. And never attack the dignity or honor of citizens. Now may it use to discriminate in the provision of work, health care. The receipt of social or educational benefits, or democratic participation.