Magnetic Connection Mean?

A magnetic link is a hyperlink that allows files and data from P2P sharing networks, especially torrent networks. The Magnet It works in a server less environment and contains all the torrent client’s data to download a given file.

Link Design To Replace And Update Torrent File Buts The Magnet

Techopedia explains Magnet Link

The Magnetlink was initially to take the extra job out of torrent hosting / online storage providers. It is preferable to a .torrent file as it eliminates the need to download a tracker file and look for uploaded peers.

A magnetic link replaces a. Flow file extension/mechanism with just a hyperlink consisting of the magnetic identifier, the file name, and the cryptographic content hash. The content hash, which works like an ISBN, is derived from the actual file to identify a file/data on multiple hosts uniquely. As the user clicks on a magnet link, their data is sent to the desktop torrent client software, automatically starting the download.

A magnetic link is also essential to safely facilitate submission with online file-sharing services, including copyright regulations. The link does not provide the file but instead points to its location.

How Magnet Links . Torrent Files

When you download a torrent file, you are essentially downloading a small file containing information about the larger files you want to download. The torrent file tells your torrent client the names of the files to be shared, a URL for the tracker, and more. Your torrent client then calculates a hash code, a unique code that only that torrent has – a kind of ISBN or catalog number. From there, it can use this code to find others uploading these files so that you can download from them.

A magnetic link makes the intermediary superfluous. A magnetic link is essentially a hyperlink containing the hash code for that torrent that your torrent client can instantly use to find people sharing these files. Magnet links don’t require a tracker (as it uses DHT, which you can learn more about here), nor do you need to download a separate file before starting the download, which is convenient.

Magnet links Are Easy To Use.

If you go to Pirate Bay now, you’ll find that magnet links are now the default, with a “Get Torrent File” link in parentheses next to it (a link that will go away in about a month). Just click the magnet link, and your browser should automatically open your default BitTorrent client and begin downloading. As simple as that.

What That Ultimately Means For You?

The short answer is nothing. It can mean torrenting downloading to take a click or two less since all over you have to do is tick the link to start the download. When Magnetlinks first came out, they didn’t support all torrent clients. Still, now you can use Magnet links with almost any semi-popular torrent client – including our favorites uTorrent, Transmission, and Deluge, among others. Do not notice any problem.

The main reason torrent sites are moving towards magnet links – aside from user convenience – is because these links (likely) rid torrent sites like The Pirate Bay of legal troubles. Since The Pirate Bay will not host files that link to copyrighted content – the torrent files – it is more difficult to claim that the site allows copyrighted material to be download directly. Whether this semantic jump protects torrent sites remains to see, but for now, you can rest easy knowing that the sites will last a while longer, and your torrents will take one less click to start. If you want to absorb more about magnet links, check out the page on the subject.

Peer Discovery and Resource Discovery (files in your case) are two different things.

I know JXTA better, but all peer-to-peer networks operate on the same basic principles.

The first thing that needs to happen is peers discovery.

Peer Discovery

Most p2p systems are “seeded” networks: when first started, a peer connects to a known (hard-coded) address to get a list of running peers. As mentioned in another post, it can be direct seeding, like connecting to