The Marvel studio has had many successes throughout its history in comics, but its superheroes have never been excessively popular in their film and television adaptations. However, the beginning of the Marvel Cinematic Universe many years ago has changed the trend, and now superheroes have become a genre in their own right.

For this reason, our colleagues have decided to compile a ranking of the best twenty Marvel Cinematic Universe characters in the movies and, in the process, classify them from worst to best, according to their point of view. Remember that this is just an opinion; therefore, we will happily read yours in the comments box, where you can debate with the rest of the portal’s readers.

1. Bucky Barnes

I don’t care that he was brainwashed; Bucky killed Iron Man’s parents and was the cause of the separation between the Avengers during the Civil War. I don’t understand why they keep trying to save this man repeatedly. NOT WORTH IT!

2. Thor


Despite being a successful character in the comics, the hammer hero has had no luck in his films. Let’s hope Ragnarok changes the trend.

3. Star-Lord

Star-Lord only had one job. ONE. Defeat Thanos! Yes, he knows you were upset about Gamora, but there were more important priorities, like stopping Thanos from getting the Time Stone. But, thanks to your recklessness and impulsivity, you completely screwed up.

4. Ant-Man

Ant-Man’s production problems did not affect his presentation film, although his non-presence in Age of Ultron was disappointing.

5. Mocking Bird

When Bobbi Morse, aka Mocking Bird, made her first appearance on Agents of SHIELD, fans were pleasantly surprised. He is a good character.

6. Captain America

Captain America

Part of me loves Cap. I do. But an even more significant part of me is tired of his savior attitude, especially when his poor judgment often causes A LOT of problems, *cough* Civil War *cough*. It’s time for him to go. He has fought with courage and tenacity but has already fulfilled his purpose. It’s time to hand the reins to someone else.

7. Falcon

The introduction of Falcon into the MCU was more than satisfactory, largely thanks to Anthony Mackie’s rapport with the character and Chris Evans.

8. Iron Man

Iron Man

Iron Man has been good for the Avengers, but he’s incredibly cocky for someone who isn’t much use without his suit. I am not going to lie; He is the weakest link. But Iron Man doesn’t need to die. It wouldn’t bother me if he died, but he could also retire and live his life with Pepper.

9. Bruce Banner

Beyond his monstrous and greenish form, Bruce Banner has won fans’ affection with much help from Mark Ruffalo’s fantastic performance.

10. fifteen. Luke Cage

I get that Falcon is in the Avengers both in the group and the movies but I couldn’t tell you why it’s essential. Because he can fly, I guess?

11. Doctor Strange

The first Doctor Strange solo film has surprised fans, primarily due to the signing of a star of Benedict Cumberbatch’s level.

12. War Machine

I still resent him for his shitty attitude during the Sokovia Accords. Maybe it’s the fact that I get annoyed by all these men who act like leaders and make all the critical decisions even though NONE of them have superpowers. A fitted suit doesn’t make you a superhero!

13. Hawkeye

I understand why he’s retired. But when all your friends were in danger in Infinity War, you were nowhere to be found when you KNEW your damn Katniss-esque skills could have come in handy. We’ll see if he redeems himself in Endgame, but for now, I remain skeptical.

14. Loki

I’m not going to lie. Loki was to Thor what Bucky Barnes was to Captain America. It just wasn’t as obvious. He always created conflicts and always got others into trouble. But he did rescue the Tesseract and was at Thor’s side in his final hour. But did that make up for all of his past sins? Who could say? I’m undecided about whether he should come back or not. Stay alert.

15. Purple Man

And speaking of villains from the Marvel series, the Purple Man deserves a special mention, who has made stellar appearances in Daredevil and Jessica Jones.

16. Groot

I love this tree. But it is also a tree. So it will be sad if he’s still dead, but I can also go outside and look around if I miss him.

17. Doctor Strange

A big part of the reason I like Doctor Strange is that I can’t separate it from Sherlock Holmes. But I would like to see him back. He seems to be among the few reasonable people in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He knows something, and we need to find out what he is!

18. Gamora

Gamora didn’t deserve to die like he did. You can’t choose your family because NO ONE would choose a father willing to sacrifice his daughter to obtain an Infinity Stone. Gamora’s only flaw was looking like an individual in Star-Lord.

19. Black Panther

Black Panther

Wakanda forever! The Black Panther lineage cannot end with T’Challa. Especially with everything he and Wakanda have done for the world. Without him, Captain America wouldn’t have his shield, and Bucky Barnes, unfortunately, wouldn’t have lived to see another day. Not only does he care a lot about his people, but ALL people. Even though he is mighty, he shares his power and knowledge with the rest of the world, something he doesn’t need to do.

20. Shuri

When I discovered that Shuri hadn’t survived, A mind like hers can’t be waste like that. She is the innovator of the MCU! She is also the director of technology and research for the Wakanda Assistance Center. They better bring this girl back so she can develop more cool technology and ensure this whole Infinity Stone thing never happens again.


In summary, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a groundbreaking and highly influential franchise that redefined modern cinema’s superhero genre. It has created a vast, interconnected narrative that spans multiple media formats and continues to captivate audiences worldwide with its storytelling and character development, for the latest information and developments in the MCU.