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Virtual Desktops Write For UsVirtual Desktops Write For Us – Virtual desktops are preconfigured images of operating systems and applications in which the desktop environment is separate from the physical device used to access it. As a result, users can access their virtual desktops remotely and with any device. To Write for Us, you can email us at

How it works

VDI uses server hardware to run and run an operating system or software. Once the user logs on, a connection broker takes the user to the virtual desktop. An administrator can disconnect the user from the virtual machine if they are no longer using it

VDI can be persistent or non-persistent:

Persistent: as if it were a physical computer, the connection is always to the same virtual desktop, which can be customized. When the user reconnects, it has the same settings that the user left when signing out. It’s like having a physical computer but in the cloud.

Non-persistent: When logging in, the settings are always the default. It is not customizable and, therefore, cheaper. It is an ideal VDI for repetitive and temporary tasks, such as record queries.

What is it used for?

A video is ideal for companies with a robust implementation of teleworking since it is easy to install a virtual desktop to access remotely. The same applies to companies with continuous shift work (for example, in call centers) that require the same access to a computer program or a similar desktop.

Best uses of a virtual desktop

Virtual desktops are characterized by allowing you to organize more efficiently. Therefore, its primary function is to give your computer or laptop more than one functionality. An example is if you use your computer to work, you can have a virtual desktop with all the necessary programs. However, it must also establish one for leisure with games and movie platforms.

An exciting use of virtual desktops is when you multitask. That is, you can work designing while listening to music. For example, a virtual desktop allows you to include Spotify and access it faster. We emphasize that virtual desktops can suit your needs and daily activities. You have to configure them to take advantage of their advantages.

How to create a virtual desktop?

Now that you know what a virtual desktop is and the uses it can give, we think it is important to tell you how to create one. To make it in Windows 10, you need to click on “Task View,” located on the taskbar next to the search engine. When you’re here, you’ll find the desks at the top. Finally, press the “New Desktop” button, and it will be created.


Virtual desktops are characterized by being more orderly and quickly accessible. Therefore, we believe that they are one of the most extensive needs for companies today. However, you can also consider it to perform your daily activities so that you need to mix your work with leisure. Therefore, remember to configure them as you see fit so that they can accommodate your needs.

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