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Virtual Machines Write For Us – With technological advances and market options to optimize processes and resources, the need arises in organizations to continually reinvent themselves and seek new means to achieve their objectives and goals and reduce costs, as one of the main reasons to make a competitive difference in the market. To Write for Us, you can email us at

Previously, companies allocated many resources to technological renewal, and it was seen as a waste of money based on equipment expenses that would soon become obsolete, generating depreciation and, therefore, a negative impact on the company’s assets.

With this, virtualization gained strength by demonstrating all the possibilities of using a virtual machine as part of IT infrastructure components in organizations.

And before defining the concept of the virtual machine, we explain what virtualization is, its types, components, and the benefits it generates in the organization.

What is Virtualization?

Virtualization is a Software-based technology that enables the execution of various operating systems within a physical server. It means “partitioning” the physical server (hardware) into different virtual servers or machines, which run on a virtual imitation of a physical server. That is, virtualization allows the virtual machine to simulate the necessary hardware so that an operating system can be executed.

By virtualizing, a “virtual” figure of a resource is created, be it a server, a PC, an operating system, a network of files, etc.

Virtualization types

There is virtualization of:

  • office
  • servers
  • grid
  • YOU
  • Access
  • application
  • prosecution
  • Storage

What is a Virtual Machine?

Virtual machines are computer files that run on a physical computer and behave like a physical computer. They have their hardware resources (CPU, RAM, Hard Disk, NIC (Network Interface Card) or Network Interface Board), operating system, and virtual applications).

In practice, it can be seen as a file that can be opened from any computer that has a virtualization application that can run it.

What is the difference between a physical machine? 

The operating system or network applications cannot see the difference. Even the virtual machine itself believes that it is real. The difference is that it is completely made up of software and has no hardware components.

Virtualization Components

Some essential components are required for virtualization, mainly the hypervisor or Virtual Machine Monitor (VMM).

This software isolates the physical computer’s resources and presents them as separate virtual hardware environments to the guest system (VMs), hiding the real characteristics of the physical computer; He is in charge of making the partitions.

There are two types of hypervisors:

  • type I hypervisor
  • type II hypervisor

In addition, host hardware is required: the physical server, an application, a guest operating system, and virtual hardware. These last three make up the virtual machine.

Benefits of using virtual machines in the company

  • Resource Optimization
  • agile provisioning
  • centralized administration
  • load balancing
  • Availability increase
  • Prepare for the Cloud
  • Less amount of space is required in the Site or Data Center
  • Reduction in the number of physical servers in the Data Center
  • Offers disaster recovery options
  • Increased IT Team productivity (virtual machines are easy to manage and maintain)

The benefits of a virtual machine represent significant savings in the organization’s costs, which constitutes a key strategic factor in its competitiveness. Also, these IT infrastructure components are environmentally friendly since they reduce the carbon footprint.

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