Virtual Marketing – We Know That Virtual Reality Will Change to Lot of Things in The Field of Customer Relationships and Marketing plan templates for all business sizes. Certainly to Game Changer For Many Companies, VR is Still in its infancy.

If You Were Still A Little Skeptical, Here Are 10 Great Reasons To Embrace Virtual Reality In Your Marketing Plan. ENJOY!

Brands Massively adopt virtual Reality

VR is Coming! According to a study drunk by Oracle in 2016, 78% of The Brands Surveyed Declared Their Interment to Use Virtual Reality and Chatbots in Their Customer Relationship by 2020. If you still doubt that VR is an effect of mode, you are reassured.

Purchasing the Behavior of Customers is Changing

If You Thought That The Online Shopping Behavior of Consumers Has Stagnated Since The Advent of E-Commerce, You Will Be Surprised! Now Accustomed To The Automation of Customer Service and Product Returns, Consumers are increasingly Researching and Purchasing Themselves: Social Networks and review Systems Make It Possible To Compare and Learn About Products.

Virtual Reality Already Makes It Possible to Give More Information To The Customer While Reduced The Need For Human Resources. Look here at 3 Successful Examples of The Use of Virtual Reality by Brands Ie electric scooters dublin

Virtual Reality to Promote Your Brand

While it is increasingly difficult to distinguish itself from the competition in the face of the flow of information to which the community is exposed, Virtual Reality Is Perceived AS A “Fun” and New Medium to Which French Consumers Are Not Yet Vary Exposed. A Well-produced 360 Video OR A VR GAME OFFERED DURING A Trade Show Are Effective and Well-Perceived Solutions for Promoting Your Brand.

Virtual Because of Reality to Boost Your Sales

Like Audi, Peugeot, or Even Red Bull, VR Can Be Used for Marketing Purposes to Boost Sales. At Peugeot, VR Has Been Widely Adopte to Present “Complex” Options on Certain Vehicles Including The New 3008 AS Evidence by A Dealer

Because Brands Have Already Adopted It

From The Automotive Industry (Peugeot, Audi, BMW …) to Journalism (NY Times, CNN, Guardian) Through Tech Companies (Google, Facebook), The Brands That Have Approved Vr Are Numbers. The Results Are Visible: Marriott Hotels Use It to Showcase Their Resorts, McDonald’s Has Distributed VR Headsets in Sits Happy Meal Menus, and London Fashion Week Has Allowed Oculus Rift Owners To Attend Live Shows. THE POSSIBILITIES OF USE ARE VERY LARGE AND CAN BE PERSONALIZE ACCORDING TO THE BRANDS.

To Promote a Product

VR CAN GIVE A REAL BOOST WHEN LAUNCHING A PRODUCT. Buzz, Virality and Sharing Galore, For Example, Fueled The Advertising Campaign of The Tomorrowland Festival. In 2014 with a Video Entitled ‘360 Degrees of Madness “: a well-crafted video that traces a day at the famous Belgian festival. AT AUDI, The Audi City Center in Paris Offers Its Customers The Opportunity to Discover ITS Vehicles In 3D With an Oculus Rift Headset to Discover New Models and Latest Options.


IF The Public Gets Tire of Classic Advertis and Marketing Methods, VR is Bringing Fresh Breeze to The Customer Experience. At Peugeot, The “Peugeot Amplified Experience” Ensures That An Advisor Can Guide The Customer In A Virtual World .To Present The New Models in Detail in A 3D World. Another Example of Use, The NY Times Has Created a Channel In Vr and Offers. Immersive Reports In Virtual Reality So That Readers Experience The Action Up Close.

To Distinguish Yourself from The Competition

If You Remain Organizing A Trade Show or Launching A Product, You Need To Be. Able to Separate Yourself from The Race and Provide. The Value of Your Product. For example, Marriott Hotels offers ITS Customers to Visualize Paradise. Destinations In 360 Degrees: Enough to make future customers Want to Choose Them in. The Face of Fierce Competition in Tourism. IT IS ALSO POSSIBLE TO CREATE A VR Site Integrated Into A WordPress Site with Divi Theme, for example.