The Binance Grid bot is a trading tool that can help you make money even in the face of market volatility. It combines several strategies that will allow you to earn passive income from your investments. It is not recommended for beginners. The system is not designed to be used by people without experience trading on a futures exchange.

The Binance grid bot is available in two modes. The first is the automated mode. In this mode, the bot uses ten grids and a seven-day trailing buy and sell price. You can modify the spacing and scale of the grid by entering your own parameters.

The second mode is the manual mode. This mode lets you change the number of grids you want. You can also modify the spacing and scale individually. You can choose how many grids you want to use, as well as the amount of funds you want to invest.

The GRID bot will place buy and sell orders when the price of a token crosses the buy or sell line. It then executes trades according to the instructions. It can make profits if the strategy is set up correctly. However, traders must keep in mind that it is not a guaranteed way of making profits. You should read the terms and conditions of the trading platform before starting to use it.

You can start the system by creating a Binance futures account. Once your futures account is created, you can add a Grid Bot to the trading platform. You must then deposit USDT into your wallet to use the futures trading platform. If you are trading with other currencies, you will have to create a new futures account. If you are trading on the futures exchange, you should be sure to use a USD-M futures contract.

You can choose to use stop or limit grids. If you choose to use stop, the system will automatically close all of your open positions when the grid stops. If you choose to use limit grids, your open positions will be closed when the market hits a certain price. This option is great for traders who don’t have the time to monitor the market every minute.

The Bitsgap Grid Trading Bot can be installed on your Binance futures account. The system will distribute your investment evenly across the left and right sides of the pair you chose. It sets up a buy order when prices are low and a sell order when prices are high. The bot will repeat this cycle until prices stay within a specific range. You can choose from four to 99 grid sizes. It recommends that you choose a benefit per grid between 0.5 and 2%.

There are three different pricing packages offered by Bitsgap. You can choose from a free plan, a free trial plan, or the Pro kit, which includes priority service. The Pro kit also offers trading signals and portfolio management. You can also set up demo trading with the Pro Kit.