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What Is Quantum Computing?

Quantum Computing

Quantum computers emerged in the 1980s thanks to Richard Feynman and Yuri Manin. In a speech titled “Simulating Physics with Computers,” Feynman argued that a quantum computer could pretend physical phenomena that a classical PC could not.

This tremendous technological advance has become a rapidly growing technology that, thanks to the laws of quantum mechanics, solves very complex problems that traditional equipment cannot do.

Instead of bits, this quantum computer uses something called quantum bits (qubits). Whereas a traditional bit is either one or zero, a qubit can simultaneously be one, zero, or both. Some of its features are:

  • They provide high computing power.
  • They consume less energy.
  • They have exponential speed compared to classical computers. This is because they control the behavior of small physical objects, such as microscopic particles. Among them are atoms, electrons, photons, etc.

Quantum computing is a multidisciplinary field that combines aspects of computer science, physics, and mathematics and uses quantum mechanics to solve multipart problems faster than classical computers. The field of quantum computing includes hardware research and application development. Quantum computers can solve specific problems faster than classical computers since they use quantum mechanical effects, such as superposition and quantum interference.

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